Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thea's very good, full of love weekend

I just counted as well as I could - I *think* Thea has 825 points towards her level 1 title - I'd better start working on weaves and the teeter eh? (She needs 1,000 to get her level one points award)

This is her compilation video from the weekend ... pretty much unedited except when people stood in front of the camera or you couldn't see Thea ...


Thea is so much fun to run - given good directions and a clear path she is quick quick quick - the second she doesn't understand she gives me a piece of her mind and waits for clarity. I wouldn't mind if she made stuff up but it's apparently not in her nature! I was so pleased with the way she ran this weekend. She continued to do her part to bring converts to the small dog world very effectively.

Good dog!

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