Monday, May 28, 2012

Boring Record Keeping - Fun stuff soon I promise

CPE - Red Barn trial .. another awesome,fun weekend

Thea - 10/10 - including a level 3 jumpers - fun fun fun!!
Level 1: 4 standard, 1 of wildcard, snookers, colours, jackpot, and fullhouse
My guess is about another 200 points to her point title ... it's in sight now :)

Brody 9/10
Level 4: 3  standard (missed one - popped weaves) to finish his level 4 standard title, 1 of wildcard (last one), jumpers (second one), jackpot (first one),  ..
Level 5: 1 of colours (first one), fullhouse (second one), snookers (first one)
Brody needs level 4 -2 more jumpers, 3 more jackpot otherwise all in level 5...

Sally 8/10
Level 2: 3 standard to finish her standard title (HOW?)
Level 3: 1 of  jumpers (last one), wildcard (last one), jackpot (first one), snookers (last one)
Level 4:  fullhouse (first one)

so Sally needs level 3 standard 6  - HAHAHA,  colours (one more) and jackpot (two more)
otherwise she's now in Level 4

Sally's sister Sophie also had a fun weekend knocking off a bunch of Qs and titles
(and we got some great video and  pics - thanks NF)

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Sara said...

Seems like they are all doing well.

I miss doing CPE, and playing their games. I really have to send in an entry for Chewy.