Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

Great runs last night!! Interspersed with some Webb photos (with thanks to AFJ for taking them!)
Warm up was three stations - one a little jump circle (with teeter and a couple of tunnels) that gave opportunities to practise gambling skills ... Brody LOVED it ... Sally nailed it too.

finding balance points for tight turns

Two was dog walk then a jump then a little serp line was interesting to play with my position to see how that smoothed out the line. Turns out being ahead of the dog s they can see where to go next helps a lot - figures but trying it both ways helped me feel it :) Only did this one with Sally

Three was tunnel aframe jump weaves (or tunnel tire weaves for a straight approach) Sally was NAILING all her entries - from anywhere .. she is awesome. Also worked on the aframe and did a few full aframes - LOVELY work ... just lovely :)

Sally wants to GO - NOW - enough thinking already!
Then all the elements got put together in a course. Hilarious course. Some good questions but lots of flow and GO. Brody ran nicely - as the pathfinder he and I nearly missed a tunnel entry - but he was a good boy and gave it to me  - I had more confidence to leave him once I saw him commit to the tunnels which let me be in a much better position for the weaves. I ran the outside of the tunnel to aframe and that let him build a whack of speed for the frame. He was excellent! Sally ran a "Brody" run; she was faster (of course) but as fluid and with me as he is usually. Poetry - it was one of those runs that just makes you feel warm and happy right through your core.

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