Monday, April 25, 2011

some video from the demos ...

Sisters weaving ...  in the last show of the weekend Sophie and Sally were the weave demo dogs - it was very cute as they happily worked alongside each other ... I was amazed to find them on youtube!

Brody's last run was rock solid as was all his work ... in 6 shows over three days doing four "runs" or more in each show Brody and I made two mistakes ... he didn't realize the aframe was on course once and he blew one weave entry ... both mistakes were mine - I didn't ask him to do anything  - so he didn't! Brody did these runs right out of his crate, on the start line and go ... right back into his crate so I could run Sally in the right place and do the run order... he was amazing ..(the last run on this clip - at 2:09 or so- is Sophie .. Sally's super sista!)

Thea ran a little on the first day but managing 3 dogs and filling in for some holes proved to be a bit much. She enjoyed it though which was really nice to see. I had been a little concerned that the atmosphere would shut her down.

Skill sets were something we demonstrated too ... crate games, tricks, building hind end awareness and focus and one jump work. This clip shows what a work horse Miss Sally is - she starts and ends the clip.

Doing demos with Brody has always been fun - he is so steady and such a little shag muffin it's a pleasure to play with him anywhere. Sally has done a grand total of one demo prior to this- she was excellent but there were maybe 50 people then. Of the 6 shows the bleachers were absolutely packed for 2 of them and more than half full for each show. That has to be a couple of hundred folks. She was a superstar this weekend. She had issues with the footing but she was full of drive, focus and was just a joy to work with. Thursday morning we did the local TV clip. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were two shows each day. Today was a lovely off leash walk at the beach .. she ran and ran and ran ... now she's catching some zzzz's finally!

The intro lap - I have never run as fast in my life I'm sure: go sally!

Many thanks to whoever filmed the dogs ... too much fun to find them :)

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Muttsandaklutz said...

What a treat to watch these! Brody is so totally awesome -- what a happy guy, and so focused. Makes me smile!

Sally was a supastar too -- not phased at all, and so happy to do whatever the task at hand is. And her sister is fab too :-)

Great demo overall too, so much variety in content as well as types of dogs -- the audience must really have enjoyed this. I sure did :-)