Wednesday, February 23, 2011

on drive ... and confidence .. and lack there of

maybe a video of Sally - I didn't know it was being taped  - and I'm grateful to the taper both for taping it and for sharing it with me .. it's from the standard run at house league (the last three quarters of the course)

My lack of drive is so apparent in this bit of tape - I just kind of puttered around the ring - but I am leery of losing any semblance of control if I really run with Sally. I better get a handle on this huh? I suspect I walk course with Brody too - though I certainly can't take the same short cuts on a course as I do with Sally. He wants to be delivered directly to tunnel enterances for example.

The table was frustrating for Sally - until I watched the video I hadn't realized how very badly throughly  I had blocked the judge from seeing Sally. DOH. Sally did her count more than once and you can see me get frustrated with, not her  the whole situation. Then I gave her some more room and she very graciously repeated the table. Now, she should repeat the table and hold it for WAY longer than the 5 count. We work TABLE, table, table TABLE all over the place any time I see a chance I grab it. Rocks, ottomans, park benches, mats, you name it - if it gives Sally a chance to lie on it she does "table" for me. And, usually, she does it well. 

The little flippy thing with my inside hand after the teeter annoys me too. What was I doing? Who knows. Gah - why do I play this sport? Classic Shame About the Handler video ...


Helen said...

Boy, that looks like a very venue to trial in, where is it? Yeah you really did block the judge for the table count but she wasn't in great position for the table either.

Muttsandaklutz said...

How fun to get to see some video of you guys! Awesome! And hey don't be so hard on yourself. I remember one particular run I felt like I was sprinting my very fastest down the last line -- but watching the video afterward it looked like I was just jogging along... :)

andrea said...

it's a small venue - this was house league ;) the floor is to die for though - I often run in socks :)

Good point about not beating myself up - I'm not really just seeing why I might want to "DRIVE" a little more actively. Not a video I would usually post - but as I have no other video to put up I figured I owed you all - and seeing Sally move is always a pleasure (to me anyhow ;))