Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Late Father's Day

to all the fathers out there - most especially my own ;)
A special guy with a heart of gold he has tolerated, and supported, my animal habit for many many years even as he pretends he doesn't like most animals (the ones in his house have always been much loved - even he'd admit)!

Toronto City Workers are on strike - why would this matter to me you might well ask? Well it directly affects my ability to play agility as I'm spending my lunch hour today moving 31 or more animals around then supporting the foster homes they end up in. The picture is of one of my charges... a ferret with no name yet..
I hope the staff are right and they aren't picketing the animal control buildings today. I don't like crossing picket lines for a whole lot of reasons.

Brody is staying with mum. I think I may take Thea to Aunt Judy for the week too. Tom is away. It's the last week of school so it's crazy.

Ah well a lovely long summer lurks just around the corner and will happen no matter what else happens too :)

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