Sunday, April 12, 2009

What do you value?

Food above everything? Being warm and cosy?

perhaps a sheepy tug toy on a bungee cord?
if so you'd relate well to either Sally, Thea or Brody. They are so different to each other it's astounding! (In case you are new to this blog - Sally is the toy worshipper, Brody thinks anything is worth doing if you get paid in food, and Thea is all about creature comforts!)
I was working Sally a little today with the fleecy and wow - talk about a motivator .. I had to actually alternate with kibble as she was TOO ON.. especially with the little bit of table work we did. Ran the 2x2 a couple of times - BAM WHAM flying through them - tomorrow I'll have to get 6 poles up for both Brody and Sally if the weather holds ... Sally's enthusiasm motivates me!

We worked wait - she wants the fleecy so badly she'll even let me tug with Hank with it and hold her stay ... AMAZING.. or maybe she's finally growing up?
It was fun to work a little .. actually great!

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