Monday, April 06, 2009

Looking forward

missed trials this weekend - just couldn't organized for overnight trips in time - sad but as the weather was DISGUSTING I suspect the dogs were just as happy ;)

May 16 and 17th there is a CPE trial in Harrowsmith which I AM GOING TO - there I wrote it down so I'll have to do it :)
Sally can do 2 fullhouse rounds on Saturday and 2 jackpot rounds on Sunday
Thea can do anything either day - maybe colours Saturday :)
If I can get a practise somewhere with her I can do standard too maybe
Brody can do whatever ... I'd like to finish his level 2 titles -I think thats a jackpot class and a fullhouse and maybe a jumpers or something like that (must look it up.. must look it up)

June 13 and 14 Acton has their cpe trial too - I should go to that one as well ... July 4 and 5 too but tough weekend for me to leave family as it's a traditional holiday

AAC wise I'd like to get to Kingston for the May Morningstar trial - it would be my anniversary of sorts - knowing me I've already missed the date though ... should look it up ...yup entries closed march 4th - DOH

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