Monday, September 04, 2017

Dog Training Task Cards - Updated!!

Does motivation get you down?
Just run out of steam part way through a training session?
Not sure how to start a session? 
Stuck for new ideas?

Well well - help is at hand!

Not sure what to do with  the classes you teach?  Trying to figure out how to help students do better?
Need to take better care of yourself/ 

Dog training task cards to the rescue!

Five editions are ready to roll out: Play (pictured above) Foundations,  Scent/Nose work,  Barn hunt and Self Care for you! There's a deal for buying three or all five too!

Put the fun and spontaneity back in training -- get some help getting off the couch and playing with your dog or being kind to yourself  - the more decks you get the less expensive they are - and if you've already bought the early releases please go ahead and email me to sort out your rate for any additional decks you want!  They are electronic - when you buy you'll get an email with your deck(s) attached - you can print them out and laminate them if you want. 

Deck Choices

Motivation has three key components and dog training task cards can help you with each step 

Direction - use task cards to get you up and taking action - you can set your goal in terms of doing "at least 2 random cards' and see where it takes you 

Intensity -- use the cards to build a warm up or cool down component to your training ... or to give you a fun mid week routine to play with 

Persistence - you've run out of steam and can't think of what to do? Grab your deck of cards and take action! Use your deck once or twice a week to keep yourself moving  forward. 

Break free of training ruts ...  put together a  custom plan that suits your needs and training level - there is flexibility built right into the cards so you can take a step back or challenge yourself with ease

The cards are in an electronic book -  4 cards per page and black and white to make printing easy - print them, out - laminate them or print them on card stock  and put them on a ring if it suits you! 

Each deck has at least 28 cards  most of which will lend themselves to adaptions and tweaks - so it's well over 50 activities per deck!  Three decks are ready now   More (rally,  sports foundation and agility) are in the works already and there have been some inquiries about more advanced decks too ...  

Foundation Training 
32 activities that will tighten up your training and let you focus on performance not planning.

Scent Work 
32 activities that take the thinking out of setting hides and challenges to make nosework training easier on your own (or with a non dog helper who can set some hides for you!) 

a Barn Hunt Deck 
28 cards to help you focus on a sport you and your dog love!

a Self Care Deck 
36 cards to you on draw when you are tired and need to be kind to yourself .

and a Play Book! 
32 cards to help to choose a way to play or a play activity to add to your training plan. Food, personal and toy suggestions are all covered. Up your play game having fun with the deck.

You should get one. Maybe you should get all three ... did I say there's a deal on three ;)

Deck Choices


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