Monday, July 13, 2015

time she ticks along ....

Relationship work,
Play training,
Positive training

They are all fun. They all lead to excellent results, sometimes with dogs that otherwise wouldn't be able to cope at all in the real world. BUT

and it's a BIG BUT

they are time consuming, detail driven, and need tweaking for each participant.

If I was teaching you how to use a shock collar I could simply say hit the buzzer but learning when and in what way to use play as a reward (personal, food and toy) or simply release expectations is a juggling act. The motley collection of critters I get to play with  train, illustrates that well I think.

Take your time. Expect it to take time. Celebrate the time it takes. Patience is truly a virtue in education - of all species!

I am glad I get to play with so many species (including humans) as it keeps my teaching skills sharp.

(this blog was titled before I found the music for the video - prescient or what?)


Dz Dog Mom said...

We're taking a break from agility since Ziva hurt her knee, but watching your video makes me miss it!! We're actually considering training her to do flyball instead since its a bit easier on the body. :-)
We're already working on flyball with my boy, but the little amount we've taught Ziva this weekend she's picked up really fast! And yes patience is definitely key!

Laura and The Corgi, Toller, & Duck said...

What a great video!