Thursday, January 16, 2014

Staying True to You, and You, and Even You too ...

Usually sometime around now I  do  a goal setting post- and I'll get there someday rest assured.

But indulge me.

If I could wish one thing for you and your animal friends dogs for 2014 it would be this: be true to yourselves.
I've been warned - Harri will likely be a three project if I insist on doing it my way.
I do. I'll report in 2017!

Love reading? Training? Clinics? Showing? Learning? Talking about all of these things? Watching other people? ME TOO!
Thea - the best teacher for this possible 

What I have never understood is the piece meal approach - you do any one thing and try just a little of what you many not understand well. You do a half assed job because you never got it or you didn't like it but you still changed something central to you.

I have watched my friends become confused, unsure, unhappy as they try to fit themselves into a  trainer's mold.

so true to himself he's been a good model for this concept

You can do ALL THE THINGS and still stay true to your core values. If you try it and it feels weird - that's ok - it may be pushing you out of your comfort zone - and that can be a good thing. But if it has you doing things that are destructive to your own sense of self, or to your sense of partnership or that you think will impact negatively on your partner. STOP. THINK. And perhaps take a break or walk away.

All better and looking forward to pushing my limits soon!

When you find someone who works with you - allows you to be you even as they frame, guide and inspire you embrace them and know you are lucky. SO LUCKY. Celebrate.

Celebrate the mania!

So very grateful to Maxine, Renee (happy birthday lady!), Webb and Denise in dog sports and Laurie and Nicole in horse sports for letting me puzzle through how to be me and get with and stay with their programs.

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