Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cross Training ... work it baby

The dogs around here have a pretty easy time maintaining fitness - they get, in all but the most exceptional of cold, road walks of at least 1.5 km a day (Sam and Sally usually get 2 road walks), runs at the farm (shorter now but generally I walk 3 km and they run for the full 45 mins+) , training time (every day, every dog does SOMETHING for their brain), and at least half an hour outside keeping me company while I do outside chores. They run up and down stairs, do balance games (tho I don't have a balance ball or peanut). We end up balancing working cardio, muscle and brain fairly well. If somebody comes up lame they go on moderate rest - ie leash walks and walk and brain work only until they are sound. Luckily around here lameness seems to last a day or two at most and doesn't happen often. I think it noteworthy that Thea and Sally are the most likely to come up lame - they are hard on themselves always!

You'll notice I'm sure that the dogs have a variety of ways to stay fit.  They work all their muscle groups and I make sure there is variety on their off leash runs - one day might be flat work, another may include swimming  in the pond, another will have a gradual incline or  a steep one, another may be through a woods where there is lots to clamber under over and through, a half hour of vigorous fetch gets worked in whenever Sally has choice! Grid work is part of life when the ground is appropriate as well.

I've got the dogs cross training down to a fine art.

My fitness? Not quite as organized! When at work I used to open the student weight room for 90 mins once a week after school and ride the stationary bike while the teens worked out. Here I walk, I wood (mainly loading and unloading - I'm literally not strong enough to lift the splitting maul over my head), I garden in season and recently have started riding. I'm also trying to much out 4 stalls twice a week as part of my fitness plan. That uses muscles not commonly used in daily work and gives me an aerobic push taking the cart to the muck heap. I need to remember to take care of my fitness as well as I do the animals if we want to have the most fun playing together. 


Sara said...

I hate "organized" exercise. I hope I'm getting enough through "play" and normal day to day stuff. I never take the elevator at work, and I always park far from the building. I figure all my trips from my basement classroom to the third floor is just as good as doing the stair master...right?

I've neglected my dogs' brains lately. This cold weather has brought about a return of "brainwork". Oreo is such a happier dog when we do brain games. Now, hopefully, I keep it up even when the weather improves.

Kim said...

Ah brain work is so important for my girl...she can do tons of things all day long, but until I work her brain, exercise for the day just isn't finished. And since she's in Sx recovery mode right now, brain work is soooo important!

It sounds like your pups have a fabulous physical fitness trainer! I wish I could afford to have someone plan my workouts every day...I would be in as good of shape as my dog then!

Muttsandaklutz said...

I'm soooo jealous of all the offleash opportunities your dogs get. I have to drive somewhere to get to an offleash area, and even then it may or may not be an actual legal offleash area though bylaw hasn't been an issue yet.

Lucky dogs to have so much variety as part of their daily life!

Laura and The Corgi, Toller, & Duck said...

Lucky dogs!

Debbie said...

Sounds like you have a great plan. My guys are definitely missing their daily walks but that should change soon.