Monday, November 19, 2012

quite the arrangement ....

If I bought into the alpha dog thing (which I don't) the boys in this house would be giving me a headache

Brody is the smallest  of the boys so he should be at the bottom of the pack,  right?
But Wyn is the youngest so he should be low dog on the totem pole, that only makes sense.
Sampson is a big young dog in his prime of life so he should certainly be the alpha dog by nearly all accounts.
Brody gets the place of honour closest to me usually, so he must be just one spot  "beneath" me.
Both Sam and Wyn let Brody get in the car first but he walks behind them (and me usually) at the farm.

You get this right? Yah, me neither. Whatever agreement they have it isn't linear that's for sure.

Sampson has the utmost respect of Wyn. The puppy drops, wags, offers his belly, won't carry a toy past Sam and in every way possible represents a respectful youngster when around Sam.

Sam does much the same thing around Brody. Brody has been known to posture and demand respect from Sam.

Brody is currently disturbed by Wyn. Wyn has puppy pounced on him a couple of times and Brody is HORRIFIED. He charged the puppy today in the field and Wyn showed due deference so I do hope Brody's sensibilities are appeased soon.

The arrows represent who is currently winning the game of top dog at the moment!

Alpha dog smalpha dog. Dogs will be dogs and humans will be confused!


Sara said...

I'm not sure which word makes me cringe more ~ dominance or obedience. Ick!

Elf said...

Thanks for the diagram! Things often seem that way to me, too.