Thursday, January 26, 2012

Someone like ....

I've been thinking about next dogs a lot lately.
No real reason but random thoughts keep popping into my brain.
Brody is coming up to 12, Thea will be 9, Sally 6 and Sampson will turn 3.
Sally and Sampson's palliative status has cleared but perhaps it weighs on my mind. 
Brody is happy happy happy and Thea is full of beans and life 
but too many of our canine friends have died too young.

Today would be my aunt Ash's birthday. 
I miss her, and her sister Joce (who died way back in '94), daily.

Maybe that's why I am thinking forward. 
I have no idea what breed would work for us. 
I'm thinking young female.. and small. 
A poodle mix would be fun but 
we don't see too many hot agility prospects of that mix in rescue land. 
Someone like Brody is obviously on my mind. 

Saw this clip and cracked up totally .. from Saturday Night Live
love the song too

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Helen said...

I am at that thinking of the next dog stage too. Tucker reached 11 in Oct and has health issues. Beckett will be 3 in Jun, wanna get him a little bro (or maybe a sis) in the spring.