Sunday, August 28, 2011

revisiting goals: finding motivation ... Part One

Last time I formally goal set on this blog was way back in January.
Obviously I had goals for Regionals and Nationals I think I alluded to them  - very pleased we accomplished them (and more!). Now it's time to look forward again.

2010 goals ...
Brody - get that last elusive jumpers Q; finish level 3 CPE titles; work on distance a little (for fun like); run happy and quick; and perhaps attend Regionals

Considering we had exactly 1 AAC trial between then and now I'm delighted Brody earned the jumpers q - I think all he needs in level 3 CPE is two jackpots - just because we have hardly seen them ... he's puttering away in level 4 very happily as well. His placements at Regionals (both in individual classes and overall) surpassed any goal I would have set. His work at Nationals and overall placement was way beyond my goal setting but lovely. He is running happily and quickly and just such a pleasure to play with.

Thea - work on getting 200 more level 1 CPE points; get another starters AAC Q (snookers most likely given she doesn't weave, do the teeter or like chutes); get another advanced jumpers Q
if Brody doesn't attend Regionals ~ attend them

Thea has done NO AAC and very very little agility. She has earned every q but one she was entered in which considering she usually just does agility at trials and house league blows my mind. She is so much fun!

Sally - earn a starters snookers Q (or 2!), fix the %^&$ aframe contact; earn another 2 advanced jumpers Qs; run advanced gamblers; earn level 1 CPE standard title; finish level 2 games titles (if I can find enough classes); run steeplechase and standard once aframe is working
Regionals? maybe .. need to give this some serious thought .. but I would like to have a dog there ...

Snookers q? done. Aframe - life long project I think but coming. No missed contacts at Nationals and One standard Q in CPE make me feel better about this one. She has jackpot classes left in level 2 (haven't been able to find them to enter) and is otherwise in level three( if I have done my math right)
Steeplechase is not an immediate goal of mine at this point. Regionals was amazing and Nationals was wonderful. She is an exceptional dog.

Sampson - continue to backyard train him .yup. introduce 2x2 weaves and contacts, nope challenge him with short sequences  this, this is too much fun! Loving  fooling around with this silly, nose driven fellow!

Me - participate in Regionals; continue having fun in this game I love; trust I will know when Brody wants to retire; tighten up my technical skills handling the variety of dogs I run; get the agility field up and operational; host something at the agility field; represent myself, my dogs and AAC well wherever I am playing

Fun? check..Trust myself with regards to Brody? check.. improve my skills? need coaching for this one... agility field? bust...represent well? I hope so...

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