Wednesday, March 16, 2011


3 jumps,  about 30 seconds, repeat three times daily and you get a happy Sally! Sally liked this work so much she actually stood on the lawn gently wagging her tail and refusing to come in until she got a 30 second work out - what a nut bar!

The same three jump set up  [like a "Y" (except with the arms about 5 feet apart)] gave us lots to do on this blowy, wet day. She circled, threadled and figure eighted* around the jumps. I practised post turns, sends, come to mes and some front crosses. We had a blast although maybe not quite as much fun as our long walk at Point Petre yesterday.

*yes I made up the word "eighted" but you know what I mean - I mean we worked in a figure eight pattern!


Sara said...

Fun! Cant wait until the ice rink in my yard melts, so we can join in the fun.

andrea said...

yah - agility on ice is more than a little dangerous - for everybody!