Monday, December 06, 2010

The Learning Never Stops

Bullets of Thought
  • Running hard induces deep sleep it seems
  • Sally's start line is eroding methinks - or is it my faith in it?? hmm

  • What should I do with Brody? Oh Oh I know wait til I get that last jumpers q and figure it out then

  • My bumper got stuck in a tree. Good thing it was a multiday trial - eventually I got it down!

  • Sally ran 4.6 yps and didn't feel fast - how fast can she run?

  • Why was Brody so slow?

  • How can I speed up his tunnels again?

  • The snooker King never waivered - 2 more masters qs!

  • Brody had fun on the gamblers courses - he would also have had fun chasing squirrels in the backyard

  • Sally was amazing at gamblers

  • both dogs ran better on the last day then the first (though both were good all runs)
  • I ran 19 courses and didn't get lost once - 12 of them were masters levels

  • none of the dogs I ran even looked at a decoy or off course

  • I tried hard not to yak on course (not sure how I did)

  • I found a good balance of working, running and playing with the dogs

  • I ran a new dog in team and had a blast! Harley rocks! (and what a compliment to be asked)

  • Sally and Brody both enjoyed massages
  • Brody sped right up when people started hooting and hollering

  • I liked running to music

  • I still love this crazy game

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