Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sometimes mail is fun

One of the sad things about growing up for me was how unfun mail became ...
bills, notices, requests for money .. I'd bet less than 10 percent of my mail comes close to approximating fun now ...

Today was different though ... I got a medium sized envelope from South Lyons, MI - home of CPE.

Inside that AIRMAIL, DO NOT BEND envelope there were certificates

Thea's CL1-R (Standard) and CL1-F (fun*) certificates arrived and so did

Sally's CL1-S (Strategy), CL1-H (Handler) and CL1-F (fun again - how fitting!) certificates.

Thea could now, if I put initials after my dogs names, wear "Thea CL1" with pride - she's earned all the cpe level 1 titles - at least I think that's what the title is once they are all done

CPE only updates the website once a year if you don't keep membership up .. but they do send the certificates as earned - very nice little pick me up today!!

I actually missed class this week - worked too late and felt too punk when I got home

Thea is home again ... we haven't done anything yet but love on her but we are all enjoying that!!

* isn't that a great title name?


Muttsandaklutz said...

Nice pick me up for sure :)

Clever title for your post too!

I thought this year was the year I'd try CPE, but sadly I waited a year too late, none being offered within a two hour drive of Ottawa, I think. Where do you go for your CPE trials?

Sara said...

We just got a couple CPE titles in the mail too.

Congrats on Thea finishing level 1!

andrea said...

Lisa - Absolute Agility used to have cpe - I LOVED them - hope they repeat soon

a bunch of eastern cpe folk are trying to get me going to the states for cpe but one day is usually the most I can sneak away for so I haven't done that yet

Acton (Hamiliton) is the other spot I do cpe .. too far for you ...

I'd like to host a trial in Prince edward county - hoping to get it organized for next summer actually but not sure I'll be able to ..
Sara - very cool :)

Muttsandaklutz said...

Yeah, it was AARF I was hoping to go to this year for some CPE... sadly due to lack of entries in past years she didn't offer CPE this year...

Hosting a trial in Prince Edward county? Cool!! :)