Thursday, January 01, 2009

looking to 2009

with some eagerness for agility and life..
but it will be a sad year as my aunt Ash died on Christmas Day and to be quite honest my world will never be the same. She was an aunt, a big sister and a dear friend - just 12 years older than me I always knew she'd have my back. She was my advocate and my defender. She encouraged me to do things that I might think crazy without her support.

I can start planning agility a little again though - after a long break of not being able to truly be certain I could be anywhere at any time to be able to plan will be great.
Sally is maturing into a wonderful dog. Maybe she'll more than 1 Q in 2009.
Thea needs some work on chutes and teeters - if I cna get that done I'd love to take her to regionals.
Looking forward to hopefully having Brody at regionals too, and maybe nationals as well if all goes well.
Sad not to be doing CPE this year but I'm going to finish the qualifications for the nationals then move him down a height level anyhow - hopefully he can qualify for 2010. I really enjoy CPE.
Fitz's new hme seems to be sticking so those are all the agility dogs I have to worry about for now! Plenty of work in each of them actually.

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Muttsandaklutz said...

Oh - so sorry to hear of your aunt's death. Seems 2008 held more than its fair share of sadness for you.

As for agility in 2009, glad you'll hopefully be able to do more of it this year. Have fun with Thea's chutes and teeters. Those obstacles aren't exactly the most fair for the little guys.