Saturday, October 18, 2008


It's been a sad week of reflection and introspection around here:

a dear friend's 23 year old son passed away suddenly, our next door neighbour did the same thing - while he was older it was just as much of a shock, Dumont is fading fast with his recently diagnosed kidney disease- after 18 years of loving and living him he'll leave a big hole; Kaylie is cheerful but could crash at any time; Mum is busy and stressed; Dad is sore and too busy to do anything about it and stressed too

Tom and I are so so lucky - and blessed - it's hard not to feel guilty in a week like this

it all sucks ...but back to the regularly scheduled me programming now...

since the first weekend in June I have done exactly ONE trial - and only with Brody - Aug 7 at AARF (YAY master title!)

thanks heavens for the team challenge or I would have forgotten what agility was

I could use a sponsor -especially if they could create more time for me too - now that would be useful!

I didn't get to the CPE trial so Brody can't qualify for the nationals next year- they have raised the bar a bit and didn't put in a provision for current champs to qualify automatically .. (dang it!)he only needs 3 specific classes to qualify but there is no more CPE around here til after the deadline for the entry

I was walking the site of my new potential agility field today tho - pretty sweet - with 107 acres of our own I actually have a few choices to consider but think I'm using an unused corner of the farm at least for now - I need to figure out how to get the grass cut now and regularly in it

I'm hoping an aframe and/or dog walk find the field too soon- then I can build whole courses (if I build a few more jumps anyhow)

I would love to get everyone in classes/workshops/practises too but every time I think I have a bit of money set aside something seems to pop up to grab it ... what else is new?

Let's hope things normalize soon

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Muttsandaklutz said...

So sorry to hear about all the sad things going on... puts things in perspective eh

107 acres, your own agility field? WOW Sounds wonderful.

Brody's MAD, that's fantastic!