Wednesday, May 21, 2008

on Driving, Weddings, Jitters and Agility

wow - the three weeks are only one week done and I'm already wiped out - I drove 5.5 hours Friday, an hour Saturday, 4.5 hours Sunday, 3 hours Monday, and 4 hours Tuesday
I could not get in a car again for a week and be fine!
(instead of course I'll drive 4+ hours tomorrow mind you)
The drives were all fine and the tunes were rocking but it is tiring especially when you aren't sure where you are going. Why is it the drive seems longer on new territory?

Pat and Sun Yi's wedding was fabulous. It was fun being the assistant to the best man. The Wigamog Inn did not blow me away but the party was great, the church was BEAUTIFUL and so were Pat, Tom and Sun Yi. It is always nice to catch up with people you don't get to see much too!

As regionals and nationals approach I find myself a little more anxious then I expected - I need to spend some time concentrating on getting my head in the game. There will be LOTS of very nervous people there to affect me. I need to find and stay in my zone ;)

Took Brody out to Spot On yesterday - thanks Kathyrn! I wanted to run outdoors and he was excellent - a little sniffy at first but rocked a nice little jumpers course and did 12 weaves many times with confidence - WOO HOO
Sally was silly at first but did settle down and want to work so much that I had to drag her back to the car as she wasn't ready to go!

Monday night at the church was fun too - Brody and Sally both worked well but then I gave a mini lesson to Nanacy with Cas and Ann with Scarlett - both dogs found the pressure of being in a semi tough but I was delighted with both dogs progress ;)

we'll see what the weekend brings...

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