Wednesday, April 16, 2008

shaping wowser

well Sally, Brody and I were voluntold for the Staff Talent Show at Campbell

Brody has a cute little dance routine but Sally is big and ungainly - she can turn right and left, lie down and put her head on her paws but that's all she does..thast trickworthy anyhow ;)

soooo I've been thinking

and doing nothing...

til tonight when wonderful Nancy loaned me a skateboard

Sally LOVES skateboarding ... how very very scary - now I have to teach her not to go so fast - I'll also have to lay brooms on the ground or something or she'll roll right off the stage- HAHAHA


Muttsandaklutz said...

Oh cool, dog skateboarding! That's such a neat trick. Makes me wanna go and pick up a skateboard too... some day maybe. :)

andrea said...

Sally tried it last night with great success!

I took the dogs to school this morning for an hour to see what they thought of the stage - Sally is now too confident on the board - she gets it going then leaps on - leaps off and the board flies backwards

I'm trying to keep a foot under it still so she can't go too fast ;)

you gotta get one - she is having SO MUCH fun with it