Saturday, February 09, 2008

Another Title Ribbon

Brody got his last advanced standard run Q!(Which makes him a Veterans Advanced Agility Dog Of Canada - and gave us a lovely ribbon to boot!)

He will now be running in the enormous masters courses in standard :)
He is already running in masters jumpers and he got his FIRST Masters snookers Q this trial too... in his FIRST try - yah to pat saito for the great plan!

she pointed out that we could open at the start line - hit the 5 pointer, hit another red, redo the 5 pointer, then another one the aframe for 6 points, another red then 4 then start the course - the flow was BEAUTIFUL... Brody had extra points in the bank..

So he is masters standard, jumpers, and snookers and we haven't even tried advanced gamblers or team yet ;)
We'll see what happens ... but he's already acheived everything I thought he could when we started :)

Sally had fun and is slowly getting better and better too :)

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